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Okie-dokie. I have a question for everyone, just because I'm a nosey bugger. Most of us are actors, so, out of all the stuff you've done, what was your favourite movie/TV series or whatever? Not necessarily the most famous but which did you like the best? I reckon for Gary the question would be what was the best match you were in?

Me, well Lord of the Rings was obviously the biggest thing I've done but my favourite was a little indie movie made by Harry Sinclair (he was Isildur in LOTR), called Price of Milk, which I did the year before Two Towers. It's a sort of surreal romantic comedy about a dairy farmer. Harry wrote it 'specially for me he says, but the truth is he didn't really write it at all, we just sort of made it up as we went along. Mostly we were stoned. It was a hoot to make, and actually turned out pretty good too, considering it was probably the cheapest movie ever made and Harry paid for it all out of his own pocket. The best scene was getting nekkid in a big vat of milk.
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