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desperaterips's Journal

Desperate RiPS
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Rips? Sounds painful. What is it?
The term comes from "LOTRiPS", which is the genre of fanfiction involving actors from Lord of the Rings. So, in brief, this community is just like desperatefans except that the muses are to be real celebrities. Not just LOTR, but any actors, musicians, sports stars or anyone else who's famous.

Basic Rules
1. The character must be a real person, and currently living. No historical figures, please. For that there is the wonderful deadmentalking. Literary characters belong in desperatefans and game characters belong in desperategamers. And please, they should be actual celebrities, that people are likely to have actually heard of. Not just some extra who played one bit part. For the same reason, no OC's.

2. The character must not be taken. Please check back to this page for the list.

3. Disclaimer: THIS IS ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL. You will not be permitted to join unless you include, and keep, a disclaimer on your userinfo page, to state that you are not the real person, that the character is for participation in a RPG and no offense is intended.

4. You can have more than one muse, if you think you can handle them.

5. No Godmodding.

6. If your muse is inactive for a prolonged period of time without letting us know, it will become available for readoption.

7. Please have an e-mail address in your character's information (friends only if you wish, so that only other members of the community can see it), so we can contact you easily. AIM/MSN/Yahoo!M scren-names are also very useful as many players like to RP via chatlogs.

8. If posting chatlogs, long posts or images, please put them behind a LJ cut. If posting OOC posts put OOC in the subject line.

9. This community is slash-friendly and consequently may have content that some people may find offensive. By joining you acknowledge that you're okay with reading adult material, slash etc.

10. Feel free to stray into AU if you wish, so long as the character remains recognisable. Having a straight character be gay, or not as famous as he is in RL, is okay. But having him be a seventeenth-century vampire is pushing things a bit too far. If your muse is AU please state this in your userinfo.

11. Don't forget the disclaimer.

How to Join
Make a journal for your muse, include a bit of info AND THE DISCLAIMER to your info page, then join and introduce yourself. Membership is open for now but once it gets busy I'll be making it moderated, to ensure no duplicate characters or fictional characters slip through.

After You've Joined
Do whatever you like. Seriously. Well, without killing off other players' muses of course. RP is either by post-and-comment in the community itself, or by chatlogs which should be posted to the community when it's done. No need to mess about on IRC if you don't want to. That thing makes my brain hurt.

Your friendly mod is arhuaine, keeper of desperate_urban. I am seeking co-mods as well, if you are interested please let me know.

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