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5/25/05 08:31 pm - danradcliffe89 - Hello

Hi. I'm new to all of this, and a bit nervous, but I suppose I should introduce myself. I don't know if anyone here knows me, but that's fine with me. I don't mind, I like making friends. (I believe I know Mr. Bloom, but not personally. I loved LOTR!)

So, hi. I'm Daniel Radcliffe, the one who plays Harry Potter. Nice to meet you. Anyone got any amusing or embarrassing stories to tell?

5/24/05 06:56 pm - oldmaddog - Well, hi.

Hi, there, everyone. Not really sure I'm really going to fit in with all the celebrities and whatnot. I'm just an old mostly-washed-up ballplayer, but.. I guess the girl typing for me's pretty insistent.

Anyway, I'm Greg Maddux, right handed pitcher, currently for the Chicago Cubs. (I pitched for Atlanta for a few years, too.) Um, there's really not much more to say than that. If you've heard of me, cool. If not, that's fine too. That's all. Talk to you sometime, I suppose.

5/22/05 11:00 pm - desperate_bloom

I've gotta agree with Karl and Eddie on this one, mates.

Nothing's happening!

I can't take it! I think I'm going stir crazy.

Strip poker, anyone? ... No, perhaps not.


Forget it. I'm getting the beer.

5/19/05 12:37 am - desperate_urban

You know, I reckon Eddie's right. This place is too damn boring. Can we play a game or something? Get drunk? Everybody persuade a friend to join? Anything? Please?

5/16/05 05:17 pm - desperate_bloom


Um, hi! My name's Orlando. I guess some of you probably recognize me from a few recent films, such as Kingdom of Heaven and Pirates of the Caribbean, but I know a couple of you just might remember me best in a blonde wig and leggings. *grins*

How is everyone?

5/15/05 03:26 pm - la_travestie

*hip-wiggling dance across the room*

This place...*arm flail*....is....kinda boring.

Someone do something interesting....NOW!

You have 24hrs before this message self-destructs.

Not really.

5/13/05 10:59 pm - desperate_vig

*Pages through notebook and finds a certain something, smirks and sends Karl a plain brown envelope with the following photoCollapse )
enclosed and text of it's own scrawled on the back: How COULD I forget what fun in bed you are?

5/12/05 05:10 pm - desperate_vig

Blue splintered dawn illumines when the shackled bonds of darkness drifting deeply flow beyond the tide of singing brooks and laughing trees of glorious...

*blinks, realizing other people are present and slowly sets down pen and notebook*

Right. I'm Viggo. Writer, Artist and I even slightly fancy myself an actor, though I'm probably best known for a little project called Lord of The Rings. The sun is shining, a breeze is blowing through the window my fingers gritty with paint and the taste of coffee in my mouth. This is a good day.


5/12/05 07:47 pm - la_travestie

Bonjour, je m'appelle Eddie Izzard. J'ai une travestie.

Hello! I'm Eddie, and I wear fake breasts for a living.

No, that's not true, I just do that because I like them.

And I'm funny too. Yeeees. People give me money for it.

So, yeah...

5/11/05 06:51 am - ahaintnoidol

Hi, my name is Clay, and your mom wants to sleep with me.

I am currently in Uganda but when I get home, who wants to go for donuts?
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