Paul McGann (pmgsdiary) wrote in desperaterips,
Paul McGann

--peeks in--


May I join you lovelies? I see there are a few other of my countrymen here. Hello, Alan, Orlando, Dan, Cheers.

Introductions, eh? I'm Paul McGann. British Actor, born in 1959 in Liverpool and I still have a strong scouse accent, and I'm bloody proud of it. RADA didn't make me a "lurvie." I've three brothers, Joe, Mark and Stephen. Mark has a LJ at mmgsdiary and Stephen has one at steviemcgann --grin--

I suppose I'm relatively well-known in the UK, slightly known in the US. Known best for my portrayals of Lt William Bush in the Hornblower films, "I" in Withnail and I, and the Doctor in Doctor Who (the TV Movie in 1996, and in audio plays). My fans tend to either be Age of Sail or Doctor Who anoraks, but I love them all the same.

So, well. Hello.
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