Alan Rickman (reallysexyvoice) wrote in desperaterips,
Alan Rickman

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Hi. I'm Alan Rickman, a little-known British actor currently in the proccess of filming this.

Dan, I though you said this would be fun? I don't know anybody here.
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Um, hi, Alan.

It's supposed to be, I'm sure. But there doesn't seem to be many online right now. I thought for sure Mr Bloom would talk.

We need to get Gary on here, that's what we need. Or David.
It would be good to see Gary or David on here.

How have you been, then?
I've been good. A bit busy, but good. Made a new friend on here. His name's Micheal Welch. He's from the States.
Alan? What's with the LJ name?
I lost a bet. It wasn't my first choice, believe me.
Well, it's, um--amusing, I guess.
Well, thanks for that reassuring comment, Dan.
What am I supposed to say? 'Yes, it's very fitting'?
I didn't mean that in a rude way at all, Alan. Sorry.
It's fine, I understand. Just be glad you don't have to use it.
I doubt it would fit me.
Hello, Mr. Rickman. I'm a big fan!
Hi, Mr. Rickman! I'm a huge fan as well. It's great to have you here. Here's hoping you start to enjoy the place, yeah?
Hello Mr Rickman. I've heard of you, but I don't think we've met before.
*grins and nods* Arite, Al?
Hello, Mr. Rickman. I don't know precisely what universe you're considered 'little-known' in, but.. that's fine. Nice to meet you.

My typist is currently fangirling like crazy, for the record. And one of my headmates from.. another community.. is.. Well.. less than happy, so I'll cut this reply off right now.