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4/9/09 10:29 am - simm_master

I believe I've forgotten to post here after joining, so please excuse any bollocks-ing on my part.

I'm not too much into the celebrity spotlight, but I think it's nice to be recognized once in a while for your hard work.

In case anyone isn't familiar with me, I'm John Simm, a british actor, and I've been in The Lakes, State of Play, Life on Mars (not the remade crappy version), Doctor Who as the Master, and just finished filming Stellig.

I've also been in a band called Magic Alex, and I still play the guitar but acting has been my main career. I won't mind jamming with someone, though. I'd love to play anything by the Beatles.

6/29/06 02:28 pm - apo_elessar - *pokes*

Anyone there?



Oh well! *starts playing heavy metal nursery rhymes, and headbanging and all, on his cello*

1/27/06 01:14 pm - pmgsdiary - --peeks in--


May I join you lovelies? I see there are a few other of my countrymen here. Hello, Alan, Orlando, Dan, Cheers.

Introductions, eh? I'm Paul McGann. British Actor, born in 1959 in Liverpool and I still have a strong scouse accent, and I'm bloody proud of it. RADA didn't make me a "lurvie." I've three brothers, Joe, Mark and Stephen. Mark has a LJ at mmgsdiary and Stephen has one at steviemcgann --grin--

I suppose I'm relatively well-known in the UK, slightly known in the US. Known best for my portrayals of Lt William Bush in the Hornblower films, "I" in Withnail and I, and the Doctor in Doctor Who (the TV Movie in 1996, and in audio plays). My fans tend to either be Age of Sail or Doctor Who anoraks, but I love them all the same.

So, well. Hello.

6/16/05 04:32 pm - danradcliffe89

What is ok to post here? Just anything pretaining to our work and what's going on?

Okay, for one, I have signed for the next Harry Potter movie, Order of the Phoenix. But I also got to sign on for another movie called 'December Boys'. You can find the info here: Radcliffe sheds Potter robes. The shooting for this movie won't take as long as one of the Potter movies. I'll be doing it in Australia.

They also have articles at Variety.com ('Boys' wild about Harry) and darkhorizons.com (Radcliffe loves "Boys" in December). I don't know what to think about their headlines.

6/15/05 11:02 pm - synth_eskil

Hello, everyone! I am Eskil Simonsson of the futurepop band Covenant. My typist is a demented freak who likes making fun of me but only because she had a crush on me less than a year ago
I really like Skinny Puppy but hate all other futurepop douches ESPECIALLY the evil Ronan Harris because he looks like a pig, but is somehow more popular than me.

6/3/05 09:34 am - apo_elessar - Introduction


My typist is an insane fangirl and made me come here, even though I'm suppose to be on tour. *glares at mun*

So here I am. I'm Perttu Kivilaakso. I play the cello in a heavy metal band called Apocalyptica.

So, um...I think I'll just sit over here in a corner for awhile.

5/28/05 05:20 pm - desp_bullocks

Hello children.

I'm quite out of it right now, I had the opportunity to deal with a nasty flu and didn't have much of a choice on whether I wanted to decline or not, therefore the cold medication is being jacked into my system.

Other than that, I'm slightly bitter about the beautiful sunshine and not being able to bask in it. Ah well.

Oh right, Sandra Bullocks is my name, for those of you who haven't met me, and for those who haven't kept in touch (Mr. Mortenson, I can see you y'know).

That's all for now, a warm bath is calling my name.

5/27/05 09:47 am - desperate_urban

Okie-dokie. I have a question for everyone, just because I'm a nosey bugger. Most of us are actors, so, out of all the stuff you've done, what was your favourite movie/TV series or whatever? Not necessarily the most famous but which did you like the best? I reckon for Gary the question would be what was the best match you were in?

Me, well Lord of the Rings was obviously the biggest thing I've done but my favourite was a little indie movie made by Harry Sinclair (he was Isildur in LOTR), called Price of Milk, which I did the year before Two Towers. It's a sort of surreal romantic comedy about a dairy farmer. Harry wrote it 'specially for me he says, but the truth is he didn't really write it at all, we just sort of made it up as we went along. Mostly we were stoned. It was a hoot to make, and actually turned out pretty good too, considering it was probably the cheapest movie ever made and Harry paid for it all out of his own pocket. The best scene was getting nekkid in a big vat of milk.

5/26/05 04:13 pm - reallysexyvoice - ...

Hi. I'm Alan Rickman, a little-known British actor currently in the proccess of filming this.

Dan, I though you said this would be fun? I don't know anybody here.

5/25/05 08:47 pm - mikew_


My name is Michael Welch. I'm an actor. I'm in my last year of High School.

Google me if you want to know more.
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